Laura Taylor Needlepoint

Laura Taylor

Where it all began

Laura’s interest in needlearts began as a young girl when she sat alongside her Grandmother crocheting, sewing, quilting and needlepointing. While she continued to enjoy all of these crafts, Laura decided to direct her education to two-dimensional art and earned her degree in Graphic Design at California State University Northridge. That design background finds its way into every canvas that Laura works on with her love for color, texture and balance uniting to inspire her approach to each piece.


Laura is a nationally recognized needlepoint instructor, needle and thread artist and stitch guide writer. Her teaching focuses on canvas embellishment, project workshops and technique classes. Laura has a special fondness for open stitches, layered stitches and using silk ribbon. She loves to use familiar stitches and threads in unfamiliar ways to explore the unique characteristics of each, always expanding the possibilities. Laura has been one of the weekly teachers at Aristeia, in Los Angeles, for over 20 years. She also teaches for independent shops across the country, local guilds and at National Needlepoint Markets.

In the virtual world

Since 2020, Laura has become a leading needlepoint instructor on the virtual platform. Laura developed Stitch Development classes (on Zoom) as an answer to the need for canvas embellishment classes from the comfort of one’s own home. Whether in person or on the computer, Laura enjoys working with each stitcher to help them reach their goals with each canvas and achieve their personal best.

In the community

Laura has been a frequent contributor to the independent magazine Needlepoint Now. Her stitch guides have been featured in numerous issues of the magazine. She stays active within the needlepoint community, attends trade shows and keeps up to date with new artists, the latest designs, embellishments and thread lines that become available. She enjoys bringing fresh, new ideas and concepts to share with class members.