How Laura Works

Laura offers a variety of class and workshop possibilities to fit the personality of each shop and the needs of the stitching community.

Project Workshops – In these workshops, everyone works on the same canvas. Laura will guide stitchers through every area on the canvas using her stitched sample and personally written stitch and thread guide.  Laura demonstrates techniques and stitches several times during workshops to be certain every participant has a chance to see exactly how to get it done. For more details, check out the Project Workshops page.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are given in one-hour increments. The student has Laura’s full attention and can get in-depth assistance on the project(s) of their choosing. Please bear in mind that each shop may have it own restrictions about canvas and thread selection/purchase.

Canvas Interpretation

Some call this Canvas Embellishment. Laura likes to think of it as working together with the student to interpret the artist’s vision to make it their own.

In this small group setting, Laura works with each individual to chart stitches and threads for their chosen canvas.  A full stitch and thread guide is not promised or the goal of this kind of class.  Rather, it is guaranteed that the student will receive a plan for at least 5 major areas of their canvas.

Stitch and Thread Guides

Laura has written and published stitch and thread guides for numerous canvases from several designers. Check out our available stitch guides. Currently, guides may be ordered through Laura or the independent needlepoint retailers. Please contact Laura for wholesale/retail pricing.

Stitch and thread guides are printed and bound upon order. Please allow time for production when ordering.

Custom Stitch and Thread Guides

Once in a while someone falls so in love with a canvas that they absolutely have to have it, although they don’t have a clue what to do with it!  Laura does accept custom stitch and thread designs projects as her schedule allows.  Please contact Laura via email for further details.

Themes and Schemes for Amazing Needlepoint!

Laura has created her always expanding menu of fabulous, half-day classes built around a specific theme.  These are somewhat quick paced classes where students learn 8 stitches or techniques on their “doodle canvas with purpose!”  Optional folders to house each canvas and instructional materials are available so each stitcher can have this as a useful reference tool.

Here are some of our half-day classes

Canvas Coaching

A great follow up to Themes and Schemes for Amazing Needlepoint, Canvas Coaching allows Laura and the student to work collaboratively on the project.  There are multiple students in this type of class, all with their own unique canvas. The idea is to utilize stitches and techniques learned in Themes and Schemes modules (when taken) so the student can help select stitches and threads for their canvas. Laura gives suggestions and guidance, then the student takes an active role in making the plan. This is a great opportunity for the student who seeks some guided independence with their stitching.

Shop Consultation

Laura‘s  professional history and unique path to becoming an accomplished needlepoint instructor provide an insight into building and maintaining a needlepoint shop.  She has spent several days each week working in many capacities at Aristeia, a truly one of a kind shop in Southern California for almost 18 years.  Along with that experience, she has operated her own stationery business and built a profitable enterprise of her passion for teaching and growing tomatoes.  She has owned and operated a business networking organization for women, assisting members to work together to grow their businesses.  An important aspect of that organization was to explore and implement marketing strategies and plans designed for each individual enterprise.

Combine a love for teaching, a working knowledge of successful, independent needlepoint shops, marketing know-how and a genuine interest in growing the industry and you will arrive at a wealth of valued information and experience.  Laura has been asked on many occasions to provide input and suggestions for individual shop owners.  Laura now makes herself available for consultation on an hourly basis.

The Tomato Connection

Crazy as it sounds, in her free time, Laura grows over 150 tomato plants each year! To support that habit she offers classes and does presentations on how to successfully grow delicious tomatoes in the home garden. A handful of shop owners have asked to tack a Tomato Talk on to the teaching schedule when Laura visits their shops.  Please send Laura an email if this interests you.