Themes and Schemes for Amazing Needlepoint is a great way to build your personal library of stitches or for a novice stitcher to develop a comfort level with our art.

Knot by the Hair…
Knotted stitches and more great ways to stitch hair, fur and beards. This will include some interesting knotted and chain stitches, couched stitches and using materials found in and outside your home to add fluff to your canvas.

Fine Feathered Friends
Birds of a feather might flock together but that doesn’t mean they all have to look alike! Owls, songbirds, birds in hats, there’s hardly a canvas without one. So, how do you make them look unique and individual? In this class the focus is on stitches that add texture and tuft to feathers and wings on birds…change up the threads and the stitches become fabulous angel wings, flower petals and leaves. Whether you’re stitching flora, fauna or fine feathered friends you’ll have a bevy of stitches to choose from.

Compensate This!
Are you one of those people who would rather pay someone else to compensate your stitches instead of doing it yourself? In this class we’ll work on your mindset and change the way you think about compensating. The goal is to provide you with a few tricks to make compensating easier and teach you some stitches that are so easy to manipulate you won’t give compensation a second thought. After taking this class, you’ll be the one your friends pay to do the compensating for them!

Laura’s Favorites Stitches – Part Deux
Because eight favorite stitches is just not enough! Here are eight more stitches that I couldn’t do without. We’ll use them in one thread combination, discuss some other really great thread options and of course, cover some of the best places and ways to use these stitches. Add them to your “go-to” list and they’ll become your favorites, too!

Never Have a Bad Hair Day
Beards, hair, animal fur…these can all be difficult to stitch. Sometimes they are more about technique than counting and we all know what happens when stitchers are told to do the dreaded “R” word. This class provides stitches and suggestions along with threads to use so you can make these areas look their best without you pulling out your own hair!

Your Abundant Garden…Flowers, Leaves and Stems
Silk Ribbon is not your enemy! In fact, once you overcome the fear of working with it you will be able to create beautiful flowers and petals. In this class you’ll work on flowers and petals with different widths of ribbon, but you won’t stop there. You’ll also learn to create a basket to hold the flowers and stitches for amazing leaves and stems. You’ll be stitching flower gardens to rival those you have planted at home!

Laura’s Favorite Stitches
Laura’s go-to stitches, but not the basic ones. These are the stitches that make their way onto almost every canvas, but sometimes you would never know it. By changing the threads and weight of the stitch they become completely different and give a brand new visual effect. These will become some of your favorites, too. I guarantee it!

Over the Top…
There’s so much you can do to add the “wow factor” to your canvas. This class is all about the stuff – you know, all the cool materials to add to your canvas but you have no idea how to use them. Some will go on top of your stitches and some will actually become the stitches. Learn to use materials that will add sparkle and dimension, deconstruct some of your favorite threads to make them take on a completely different look, and attach embellishments and everyday objects to add that extra interest to your canvas.

What the Heck Do I Do With This?
We’ve all seen them. Multi-colored and overdyed threads that look really fun but you have no idea how they would ever work on a needlepoint canvas. Some are subtle, some, not so much. The key is to look at those threads in terms of stitches that celebrate and make the most of them. Some work, some don’t. This class is all about exploring those gorgeous overdyes, how to handle them and stitch with them to add interest to your canvas. Once you know how to use overdyes, you’ll find you’ve entered a new world of color and possibility.

Itsy Bitsy, Teensie Weensie
Good things do come in small packages! This class is all about celebrating the little stitches. They fit in small places. They add interest without over-powering. Best of all they are easy to compensate. We’ll use a variety of threads to demonstrate the myriad possibilities for these great little gems. You’ll want to learn and master these stitches because you’ll use them again and again.

Beading Frenzy

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, sometimes a canvas just screams for beads!
How they are attached to the canvas can make all the difference in the overall effect. In this class you’ll learn how to put beads in their place, whether that’s line up in rows, in stacks and mounds, standing up high off the canvas, or twisted and twirled.

In the Back but Never Boring

Never wanting to detract from the focal point of your canvas, the background plays the important role of supporting the stitched design. Done right, it enhances and pulls together all of the other elements on the canvas. This class features stitches that can be fabulous open stitches but once you change up the threads they go from open stitches to full coverage. You just might find that your beautiful background looks pretty fantastic in the foreground, too.